Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How I convinced your grandparents!

Hello baby,

As I said Immediately after your father and I decided to get married , within a couple of days, I told your Ammama ( maternal granny).it wasn't a big announcement. I just blurted it out while she was cooking. ( For safety sake I didnt eat that day ) There was the initial shock and disbelief and scoldings and blaming self for bad-parenting!
Yes! As a parent I now understand what your ammama felt. Here is there little flesh and blood who just yesterday started walking and talking, telling them she found 'The Guy' to marry.
Who is he? Omigod what if he is one of those Pyscho closet serial killers !?! Or Omigod what if he just wants to have fun and then would leave!?! Omigod What is just after your money ( well I just started work , then there wanst too much money hehe) She is so young and naive! She doesnt know anythin about marriage and the works.. ... These are just a few thoughts I can imagine running through their minds. As your father now, in retrospect, he would also understand.
Then I called your NRI mama and told him to calm mom! He said just 3 words 'think over it' !
That and ammama's fears needed some time to settle. So I decided to give it time. I and your father decided to cool things off till my parents agreed. There was no way We would run away and get married. Noways. We were adamant that my parents agreed. (N we are also too lazy to run! You knw that now)
An unwritten agreement was made between your dad and me that we would not meet till the parents agreed! I know filmy! :p
I remember secluding myself from best of friends during this period. Call it a hibernation period. I also wanted myself to be totally true to myself and not be influenced. N also to save the friends the sadness of it all. But I also thank them now that they understood me and stood by me, from a distance albiet.
Me and your ammama never yelled at each other. Each night we would go up on the terrace and sit to debate like adults. That is one amazing quality in your grandmother. She would try to reason and listen.
Then after 3 whole months, your ammama asked me for your aaji's ( paternal grandmother) number. What they talked is immaterial to me. I was now heading slowly and steadily towards what I wanted.
Your thatha (maternal grandpa) was a silent spectator in all this. He summed up his silence in the following sentence ' I always try to give you what makes you happy and I know this will make you happy. Future we 'll see together!' i love your thatha :)
Also you can see your father also wasnt an active role in this drama. As ammama said later 'It wasn't so much about who you chose! It was more about you chose yourself which was a shock'. She trusted me enough to know that your father would be a great human being.
Then the families met on 26th December,2006 and rest as they say is history. Or is it? Wait! You know I got married in 2008. Well there wasn't any quick wedding and we had more waiting. Thats for the next letter - ' How I got married to your father' :)

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