Monday, December 12, 2011

Before I turn 40

I turn 30 really soon. So I turn this into a before I turn into 40 that I've a realistic amount of time to achieve the below:
10 goals to achieve before I turn 40:

1) Get independent: Financially yes! But mostly emotionally. I am to dependent on the people close to me. I guess everyone is. But I go a tad extra! So that is going to be what I strive for.

2) Take a vacation alone: To assert the point above. It is known to be liberating. I am surely going to plan it soon. Surely the baby needs a bit more growing up.

3) Own my own house: yes material! But I'd love to buy a place and personalise it for my family :)

4) Learn how to drive: Yes pathetic! I need to know this again to assert my independence as per point 1.

5) Learn to bake : yummm! I love the idea. Now its time I implement it.

6) Learn to write in Japanese or Chinese! Isnt it interesting the symbolic way of expressing.

7)Learn to talk on the phone: hehe yes i have terrible phobia. I cant talk much on phone because I cant see the other person's expressions. It freaks me out. I only talk more than 5 mins with a person i am very very close to.

8)Be Moneywise: I spend money when I feel low or depressed or angry! Need to curb that.

9) Take ateast 10 vacations with my family! I feel travelling is only time you bond, especially with you spouse.

10) Kill a cockroach: aaha! This would put a stamp on point 1. I have to be able to get rid of the pests alone sometime :D coz no matter how much pest control I get done, I get one nasty visitor atleast once a month.

Hehe I have tried my level best to keep it doable. Also as you see the list is very 'ME' centric! As they say, if I am happy so will be the family :D

I had fun doing this and surely will try my best implementing it. Why dont you give it a shot ? Make your own list and let me know! I'd love to read it.

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