Saturday, October 22, 2011

Love after a baby!

Amongst all cuteness galore,wet kisses, lots of hugs and heart-melting baby talk! N the diapers,n wipes n messy clothes n toys everywhere! Aaah! The point is where is the time for intimacy with hubby! Gone are the days where we could do anything anywhere anytime! :p
But as they say we had a good 2 years of courting and 3 years of a marriage to do all the crazy stuff we could!
I do miss that! But now i see somethings in the newly minted father that makes me fall in love with him over and over again!
I ll list a few:
1) when he stood by me during labor, held my hand and didnt ask me to 'push' impatiently ! ( it matters)
2) when He held his little girl for the first time and said a quiet thanks to me with moist eyes!
3) when he yelled at the doctors and nurses when i fell sick immediately after delivery and the temperatures did not come down for 4 days.
4) when he sat by me while i fed the baby and had eyes only for the little one ! ( u never know with men :p)
5) when he would come every night travelling 30kms to visit me and baby at my mom's place!
6) when he'd change a poopy diaper so lovely and proudly! Every she does is a marvel to him!
7) when he d get up late nites just to keep me company during a light night feed.
8) when he'd leave everything at a moments notice when i say the baby has a fever!
9) when he looks at my stretch marks and says 'awww! You went through so much' instead of being disgusted.
10) Early morning when he d take the wailing baby so that mommy could get the extra 10 minutes of sleep.(so precious)
11)When he does the dishes without being asked if the maid doesnt come!
12) When he says 'i love you' more often then before!
13) when he says i look so pretty when i am actually looking like a train has hit me!
14) when he says 'family' referring to just us three!

Aah! I love my husband and it just keeps growing day by day! Mushy me!
Ok now i ve reached the mushiness quota of the day! I ll being adding more points for the rest of our journey :)


  1. Wonderful post. I swear those moments of courtship and pre-baby days were just too good. Not that it is bad now but the freedom and time are definitely missed.


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