Sunday, November 06, 2011

If i get 2 extra hours in the day....

I am a full time mother of a bubbly 15 month old and part time management student and a homemaker. All this with no domestic help. Go figure!
24 hours is never enough to do even half of the chores in my todo list on a normal day! So to get any extra time will be heaven sent!
I'll be selfish enough to say that those 2 hours will be just mine! No I wont be a pativrata naari to give hubby that time.
I'll be a meanie mommy and say i already gave 24 hrs to my little one!
Yes i need to study but drat! Miracle time is never used to study! Please!
My house needs a massive spring cleaning campaign running but that can wait for the next day too.
My 2 hours.... The precious time...
I'll spend thus 2 hours possibly sitting in a sea facing room with a favorite book and a mocktail on a lazyboy and a blank canvas with paints ready! Not reading the book, not sipping the drink not painting but daydreaming! Yup! Thats what i ' ll do!
I know I am not doing anything productive much less creative or helping! But I feel those 2 hours of relaxing and just being, will charge me up enough to conquer the world in the next 24 hours! I'd then be able to say --"Bring it on world shove me the problems and I'll cook up a solution for you :) "


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  2. Amazing. That is my kind of idling as well. Sea calms like none other :)Best of Luck. Do check out my post too. Aye Zindagi!

  3. Nice One Sirisha, Duties of the early Motherhood requires lots of time & studying along with it is just too good. Happy to read your post.

  4. :) I need more than two hours. I demand, 48 hours a day :D and still keep 8 hours for work....

  5. all the best for contest


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