Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Whatss in a name! A lot aparently!

Whats in a name!

Throughout the nine months of my pregnancy I was way too caught up with my health and concetrating on the baby being healthy when born, other things literally took a backstage!
Since i was facing some problems here n there with the pregnancy, i turned a bit superstitious. So no new clothes were bought, no nursery decor decided, etc; Mainly no name decided. Anyways since the gender isn't known we lazily postponed it to after birth.
In the meanwhile , I had suggested everybody to come up with names so that we could have a choice to make after birth.
So when on August 5,2011 my little baby girl finally decided to come into this world, we were ready to begin searching.
I had two criteron really firm
1) should be short and sweet. Not more than 3 syllables.
2) it should not contain the lettet 'r' as sime kids have problem pronoincing it for a long time.
And the next one came up by the hindu customs:
3) according to the child's birth timing, she should be named with 'o' or 'v'.
We decided to stick to all 3 criterion as it would filter down choices a lot.
I was really unwell after my delivery and we stayed in the hospital for a good 13 days. There were many names floating around family but none really defined the little bundle in my arms. The names that were popular were 'niharika' 'ovi' 'diti' 'vani' 'oviya' amongst a few!
After i was discharged , it was decided to have the barsala ( naming ceremony) in the 3rd month since I was really weak!
We called her 'pillu' till then! Thats what her baba called her fondly.
I came across the name 'Vanya' a Russian name and like it for the most part of those 3 months. But my in-laws wanted to name her 'Ovi'. My reservation with the name 'Ovi', apart fom it belonging to Nokia, was that it was similar to 'ova' 'ovaries' or such! I thought it could be a teasing point in school or college! Far-fetched? No, you should always test a name to be tease/bully proof as much as possible!
So you see there was a little disagreement between my in-laws and me. My husband stayed on the fence! I am really mad at him about that! But thats how he is! It was always decide that the name would be my choice, not his! The second one, if and when we have one, will be his choice.
This disagreement went on till the day before the naming ceremony. I wanted to go ahead with the ceremony without having a name! But then after a long debate i decided its not 'Ovi' nor is it 'Vanya'. Me and my husband sat on a names site at wee hours of the night and at about 4.30am , we found a gaelic name 'Vevina' which means 'a sweet little lady'. We were in love with it coz thats what Vevina is a sweet little lady, already!
We announced it next morning that Pillu will now on be called 'Vevina'! Thankfully everyone liked it :D
But mostly i hope Ms. Vevina Will like it too!
PS i wanted to give her my maiden sirname as well as father's! But then i already had one disagreement another would be too much! Already a lot is said about me still keeping my maiden name! Thats a long story for some other time :D


  1. Ha ha! I can totally relate to it. And because we don't get to know the gender until baby is born, in was always tough to come up with a name. I had prepared a huge list. Still it was a nightmare fixing a name.

    Btw, I liked her name. That sounds unique. May god bless her.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am following yours. :)

  2. Awww...two of my friends from college have named their daughters, Nia....and I love that name so much, I sometimes wonder, I may name mine Nia too :D

  3. :) Thanks for the comments
    Nia is a sweet name.. My pet name is Sia :D


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