Saturday, October 01, 2011

A Day in Life of a new SAHM!

When anyone hears about a working girl turned Homemaker , they would stay miles away from her I think. Oh! She ll just be cribbing and whining all along,puhleese! True in a way! I did that too! For the first week I stayed alone with my little baby. It takes a whole lot of adjustment,patience and geting used to being alone!

Its funny when I say I am alone. No I am never alone. I have a 13-month old who is just entering into the kangaroo phase of separation anxiety! So that means I am never alone in the loo too! Yeaha! I have to take her there too! Better that than leave here to explore some uncharted territories.But I am also alone. Paradoxical! I have absolutely no social interaction (discounting the umpteen phone calls to people) with people who are also not of the mommy breed. I meet a few mommies in the park everyday and thats about it. Oh! Yes I have the maid who comes in 2 times a day.

The Hubby leaves for offisss at 9.30 and is AWOL till 8! In India, the more hours you put in the night, the better employee you are! He is seriously been doubted by his employers because the mad wife doesnt let him stay in the office beyond 7PM unless absolutely necessary!

So here is the schedule for me and my baby! This is what keeps me sane and happy.

7AM: Sharp. Baby gets up. Jumps all over mumma and baba to wake them up. (She sleeps in her toddler cot next to our big bed). We grunt and grumble but wake up for a cheery sounding gooo mooing! How are such early mornings 'Good'? :P

7.30AM Momma makes baby her milk and while she happily slurps it..its time to make tea and coffee while trying to read the newspaper! ( which is promptly taken by the Baba to the loo! eww!) Maid comes in and does her morning chores.

7.45AM Baby plays in the kitchen with all plastic containers pretending to cook. While mommy actually makes the breakfast,lunch and dinner for all. The menu has been decided the previous night before sleeping.

8.15AM Baba feeds baby some breakfast ( she mostly eats what we eat!) while trying to finish his own . mumma meanwhile catches up on her news a bit and eats her breakfast.

8.30 to 9.30 AM Mumma and baba juggle taking care of the baby while the other takes care of the morning neccessities and bath.

9.30AM Mumma and baby go down in the buggy to say byee to Baba leaving for offissss! We walk around the garden looking around for titlies ( butterflies ) and floweess.

9.45 AM We come up and give baby her tub bath. She loves splashing around with her rubber duckiieees and the J&J bottles.

10AM  Baby is cleaned up and fresh sitting in her High chair watching pigeosss outside the balcony while mommy gets her food ready.

10.15AM baby eats a rice cracker or two on her own while mommy forces rice,dal and veggies down her throat. the background to all this is mommies loud nearly baritone sounding nursery rhymes!

10.30AM We sit down for some quality Dr.Suess time. He is my favorite baby books writer and i can read from his books without getting tired at all. 'The Foot Book','Hop on Pop' and 'Mr.Brown can Moo' are our favorites.

11.00AM Finally its dudu time and jojo time ( sleeping) for the baby. She sleeps for 2 and half hours surely. Sometimes if i am lucky for half an hour more.

11.00 - 1.30PM momma time! ( No I donot do any housework during this time! its absolutely MY time)
1.30PM Baby gets up slowly and  lazes around with momma waiting for her to wake up.We play on the bed for sometime.

2.00PM Lunch time for the baby and momma. We eat together again with a lot of nursery rhymes and stories. Our favorite stories are cinderalla and three little pigs.

2.30PM - 4PM its random play time. Baby s toy cupboard is opened and she decides the course of events from then on. She loves to play peekaboo too with mommy. Mommy uses the peekaboo moments to clean up the house and put in a load of laundry. We have successfully increased the alone time for the baby to about 5-10 minutes at a time. (Thats a real lot!)

4PM: Dudduu time again ! This was the time when she used to take another nap a couple of weeks back. But now she is a big girl so tata to the nap. We instead have some quiet time with some picture books..

5PM: the maid comes! Oh she is a happy change for both momma and the baby. Baby hangs around the maid while she does her chores. She helps her drying clothes  ( Help is not a word my maid would use) Momma again uses this time to catch up on the pc or do something she wants.

5.30PM Dinner time for the baby. We make dinner for her together . Its so much fun

6.00PM Off to the park it is! We stroll around hoping for other kids to make an appearance. n play on the grass a bit with the ball. Mostly we take huge rounds around the park ( mummas exercise time).

6.40 to 7.00 its back home and clean up time for the baby. If it is not rainy or chilly,she has a bath around this time.

7.15 PM we put on some music  and dance around to it. or just listen and play with some toys and practice our walking a bit.

7.30 or 7.45PM Babaaaaa is back!!!! Hurray! Baba takes over to play with the baby! While mumma goes phewwww!!!!

8.30PM Dudduuu and Bedtime for the baby!! :D Yes she sleeps through the night now! thats a HUUUGE plus!

Then on till our sleep time which is about 12ish , we have the time to ourselves Mumma and Babbaaa! But mostly we end up talking about the baby and her antics throughout the day. She s our favorite topic and we are loving it currently :D

Thanks for keeping up . This was a long post!

P.S I do exclaim a lot , don't I ?!!!?

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