Friday, September 30, 2011

A little lesson of life!

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A little lesson of life!

I grew up in Delhi! My initial years of teen turbulence was spent in the city which is well known for its blatant eveteasing!  I remember once me and my friend were travelling in a DTC to RKPuram. We were 12 or 13 at that time. It was 2PM ish in the afternoon. We sat down and like typical teenagers started yapping a mile a minute.
There was a woman about 20 sitting two seats ahead. Alone. Looked like she was going to college or something. A group of 5 men ( must be something in their 20s) entered the bus in the next stop. They scanned the entire bus and finally sat around the girl and started chatting. Not that I remember understanding what they said,but from the uncomfortable looks of the woman, we knew something wrong was being said.
We stopped talking and observed. The lady silently took it all in for the next 10 minutes. When one of the guys got a little bit more braver and went and sat next to her. Thats when I guess she reacted. She got up and asked him to move politely ( there were plenty empty seats). He said he was pretty comfortable and would be more so in her lap. This is what she said next and I am sorry for the language! 'Teri Maa ki god bhi aisehi hoti hain! Uske lap mein jaa kar bait,chuthiye!" and she gave him a tight slap! All the men shocked alighted without a word in the next stop. I remember the conductor and the driver giving the woman looks that said 'She is so cheap!' But for two teenages sitting and silently observing the entire scene it was a lesson learnt! I frankly did not expect her to react! There were 5 of them! We were thinking she would just force her way out and jump off at the next stop. But what she did made me realise that she was right! What I thought she should have done was absolutely cowardly and wrong! Kudos to the stranger woman! She taught me to take such rogues upfront and straighten them up then and there! ( And obviously I learnt a good gaali :P)
And I guess thats what I ll be teaching my little girl. Never take it lying low!


  1. Kudos to all those brave women who are preserving the sanity of this country!

  2. Anonymous11:13 AM

    WoW! that did require a lot of courage.. esp with so many men around..

    It's heartening to know that some of us do stand up for what is right and decide not to take things as they are.


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