Monday, September 05, 2011

Love marriage!

Mine is one! N yes sadly sometimes in certain circumstances I have to think twice to tell that to people!
Here are the questions  and reactions I get due to which I am left to ponder:
1) so did you run away/ elope?
    -  Why? I didn't commit a crime!
2) How sad is it for your parents!
    -Hello! Should they be sad because I found a person I love and who also loves me and my parents!
3) What is his caste? Is he a Brahmin?
    - Does it matter in this day or age? These castes were made based on occupations in early times! Which Brahmin these days can recite a shloka decently?
4) omigod Her parents gave her too much freedom!
    - yes! They did! They did so because they respect me and trust me! They raised me so well that they know I can make my own decisions!
5) oh! So he's not from the same state ! How are you going to last?
    - erm! Atleast he's an Indian! Not that it would have mattered anyways! Arent we in the age of globalisation!?!
6) oh! What will you teach your kids- their culture or ours?
    - sigh! My kids have best of both worlds to learn from!
7) She had a love marriage ( the tone implying I am sorts to keep away daughters from!)
    -well! I simply feel sad for your daughters!
8) Do you live alone because his parents didn't like the love marriage concept?
     - Well! My life is not a balaji Soap opera! No such dramas in my life!
9) her mother didn't raise her well! I would have broken my girls legs and made her sit at home!
     - I am so happy I donot have a pshycho mother like you who'd even think of harming her own child!
10) oh did you guys do it before marriage?
     -none of your business! Puhleese!
11)Oh! So you guys did a lot of dating shating before you got married, huh! I toh met him just once in front of parents!
    - What! I mean are you proud of that! Or are you plain dumb!
12) you know most love marriages end up in a divorce!
    - Thanks! Aah! You made my day! I ll call you for my break up party!
13) now what will you teach your daughter!
    - erm! This irks me the most!
Yes! These and many other really irritating reactions! Though thankfully people of this narrow minded group are slowly becoming extinct! But they do creep up on me once in a while and make me cringe!
Yes i have had a love marriage. And yes! I am happy and not thinking about a divorce! And yes!  All marriages are one at the same after the wedding- love or arranged- TRUST and MUTUAL RESPECT are the driving forces behind it!
Also! Yes I am thankful to my lovely parents to have raised me and doing a wonderful job at that. I owe a lot to them and will help them whenever they need me! But I am not guilty to have found and married the man I love!


  1. Ha! Throw in different religions to the mix and imagine the questions I get!

  2. Oh Wow!! So how do you teach ur kids religion?


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