Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Harry potter and the end of an era!

Never has one book drove imaginations of millions of people absolutely bonkers!
This above line is majorly applicable to those who have spent crazy nights and days discussing HP right before a new book releases. And to those who pre-booked the book like a million days before the release.
To those who have stood in lines at midnight to recieve the new book .
To those who took the book and read it start to finish straight in a day with just taking the most compulsory breaks in between!
To those who reread the books again to now be ready with interesting trivia to share with others online as "spoilers".
To those who had read the books and then saw the movie and absolutely loved critisizing the movies.
To those who'd rather stay at home and finish the book than go hang out with some friends.
To those who even though are muggles know everything wierd like serpentsortia,nearly headless nick, moaning mrytle,platform nine and three quarters,bubotuber,mimbulus mimbletonia,etc,etc;
To those who know what ' never ticbkle a sleeping dragon' translates in latin.
To the H/Hr or R/Hr ship debaters and the scores of those who finally didnot like H/G ship!
Whew! A million will qualify for the above and million will try to qualify and fail. I am one of those crazy muggles who fell in love with this series and will miss it a lot once the last movie is out! It is most definitely an end of an era!

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