Thursday, July 28, 2011

I am back and so much has changed..SAHM woes

I guess from 2007 to now .. life was so hectic.. 'Why arent you blogging any more?' Answer was like 'Hello who has the time to sit,let alone blog!' or be a smartass and say 'blogging is for the housewives who have all the time in the world!;)'
Well the clock has ticked and the Gods said 'Tathastu' .. I am a housewife now or yes the fancier and the more appropriate way to put it 'SAHM' .. I am sorry and feel stupid for thinking SAHMs have all the time in the world... wow I would kill for an extra hour to myself!
Lets start with a lil intro .. I am Sia .. used to live and work in Mumbai.. before hubby got a job in Hyderabad and we shifted here.. My parents came to live with me when i concieved and were there with me till recently. Now well like all good things end.. they are leaving back for US and I have quit work to take care of my 11 month old lil girl girl.
love her. Period. But I have been working all my life ( err.. from 18 years of age,.. is life aint it?) I just freshly resigned and am dreading sitting alone and eating my brains out.. I know I have my baby for company and I feel awful to feel this way.. But :(
I have in the past few days read a few awesome blogs from the really awesome SAHMs out there and I am going to bombard them with questions.. Please be kind enough to help me settle into being a good mother that my baby deserves and not be the cribbing bitch i am currently :P


1) How is the schedule like for a SAHM in India or in Hyderabad specifically? How do you girls
satisfy your intelectual needs?
2) How do you keep your lil ones happy and entertained while you maintain/clean/cook etc;?
3) Do you have maids to help out with the baby?
4) are there any mommy meets in Hyderabad where some new and old moms meet with there kids?
5) Where all do you take your babies to ? (i.e kid friendly places in Hyderabad?)

I do have more questions but please( pretty please) do comment in and then I can have a direction to start out with and have more questions as I go on.


  1. Hi there. I have been in Hyderabad for just two months so I am definitely no expert. Will try and answer to the best of my ability

    1. Schedule really depends on the kid's schedule. I would suggest putting her into some sort of routine so that you can settle into a predictable pattern - naps, meals and bedtime at regular times.

    2. Honestly, I have always had maids for cleaning and cooking both as a working mom and a SAHM. I am struggling a bit here but still have part-timers to come and do bulk of the work.

    3. I had a full-time nanny in Mumbai. On the look-out for one here. Honestly, 100% SAHM is not my scene. I need someone to back me up so that I can read, surf and get out of the house for a couple of hours.

    4. Have not heard of any mommy meets. Will keep you posted if I do.

    5. I swear by Treasure House but maybe once your kid is 6 months older. Hyderabad also has a lot of lovely parks including KBR park but depends on where you live. Most malls have playzones but I am not a big fan.

    Hope that was helpful.

  2. Hello Shirisha,
    Nice meeting you. Thanks for your comment on my blog. To answer your questions,

    1. The schedule is very heavily dependent on the Kid's schedule and if there is no schedule for the kid then frustration sets in very heavily

    2. I had help for cleaning, I got a helper cook only after going back on the job.

    3. Since I had twins and couldn't manage two kids only by myself, either my mom or dad would stay with me from Mon-Fri to help with the girls. This was a BIG help.

    4. Mommy meets - Haven't heard any happening in Hyd :)

    5. A park in the area we live in was where my dad would take the girls to play and they used to enjoy it a lot.
    Parks, zoo and one place called Krazy chiks (near abids) are our regular jaunts. We did Mrigvani national park, KBR and others of this kind as well. Though they didn't see any animals, they enjoyed the experience.

  3. Thanks so much for the prompt replies .. you all are such sweethearts..
    and i started this week alone with the baby. She is missing company of her grandpa and grandma..they always used to keep her entertained.
    So mostly if she cries its coz I am boring her ! :p
    Next week probably i ll try venture out with her! But right now I am relieved weekend is here!!! yippieee

  4. Been an SAHM forever. I have seen moms who love it, who hate it, and who chug along with a permanent feeling that someday they will get back to work. I belonged to the last category till recently and found myself all the time unhappy and edgy about my status, then I snapped out of it and moved to the first category, and I have no complaints there! I live in Mumbai and I dont see myself being able to answer much of your queries.

    1. Schedule - Bang on! Let the baby make it, but a basic and broad routine will help both of you in the long run. So set it up right away.

    2. I have people to cook, clean, dust, wash - so baby care is all that I do, I have 2 boys so I have help for that too sometimes. I wonder what I am going to do if and when I move out of Mumbai.... but until then, am happy just doing this.

    3. Reading, surfing, meeting up with friends (other moms), yoga, music is what I rely on for a break.

    4. You will probably find some friends and moms once the baby starts playschool.

    5. Look for mother-toddler options, and then ease the baby into playschool. That may be a good start for both of you!

    Take care and good luck! Enjoy these years!


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