Monday, August 01, 2011

Art of making baby sleep!

Yes it is an art! But thankfully its not
Something that cant be learnt. When Vevi was born, she used
to sleep all the time. I thought alright this is easy! It was so
cute. She used to sleep in the middle of a feed and
we had rub are feet or ears to try to get her to complete a
But then she grew up and realised sleep is a waste
of time! So then came in the sleep- expert My Mom or her Ammama.
She sang songs, rocked her, carried her,swung her.. Anything that could lull
her into a slumber. Finally they settled into a pattern.
First there would be some nursery rhymes, then sqinging in the arms lightly and
gently shushing her. Then came the toughest part. Putting her in the crib!
Sometimes even after half an hour of holding her, when ammama put her down, she would
open her eyes wide amd give a cherubic victory smile! Aaah!
At such times patience is a virtue! I would nealry breakdown but mom
would just smile and pick her up again for the same drill.
As time passed, i started to mimic mom andsometumes even succeeded. But most of the times gabe up teary eyed and frustated.
Now its been 11 months since I havve been pratsing and well now now one else can get her to sleep.!
Well, mostly its thanks to the strict timings i try to maintain for her sleeps
So she kinda knows whats coming when i start the sleep routine. Makes it whole load easier... She is down to sleep in about 10-20 mins even on a bad day!
Aah! A sleeping baby is so adorable! While she sleeps on my lap now as i write, i am thinking
whats the right moment to put her into the crib! I hope she doesnt wake up! Fungers crossed!

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