Thursday, June 28, 2007

Heyllo blog

My last but one day in US..the elusive place where all want to cards,h1,even a b1 would do..after all everything is green here..hmmmm save green card or the h1 or even the b1 is out for taking..i love India.. :)

India..ppl honking..the crowds hanging from the trains and buses...busy streets..colorful n not just green...:) i love is young and untidy ll grow up..sooon


  1. the grass is always greener on the other side... those here wanna be there and ironically, those there desperately miss home....... hey, get me chocolates.

  2. Am going to give you answers that are from my personal experience....may or may not help you!

    1. Morning stuff for kids, like brush, shower, potty and clean, then breakfast, change, take them to school, bring them back, feed, take them for classes or play in the park, shower, dinner, put to sleep. Intellectual needs - When they are in school, read read read, newspaper, magazine, internet. Meet up with friends (other mammas) for breakfast/brunch. Do some intellectual play/reading with the kids after school. Before bed time - read, watch tv, if you are lucky, spend time with hubby doing some stuff together - movies/board games whatever.

    2. When you find the answer to that question, please do share it with me! Till now, I have been right royally pampered in Mumbai - have outsourced every job except kidcare (cooking / cleaning / washing / dusting / driving).. If and when I move out of this country, I have no clue of how I will survive without maids!

    3. I used to. Birth to 3 months - my mamma was with me! 3 to 18 months - I had a girl to supervise since that is the time when the baby is trying stuff balancing here and there!

    4. I used to feel lonely till my older one started going to school, when he was around 18 months. Then I made a good circle of friends at the school. So this group of moms still meets up for play dates, girls night out, movie dates etc. And I realised that it was easier to get along with other moms as friends, since a larger part of our lives are similar.

    5. I take them to the park, malls (play areas), zoo, kids movies, kids plays, homes of their classmates for playdates, book shops, toy shops.....

    I still feel that you should not start with a specific start point or a direction, you are making it seem like a huge task and
    overwhelming yourself. It isnt that difficult, just go with the flow. The baby will be more relaxed and chilled out, if you are relaxed. Now that she is 11 months old, see if you can find a good mother-toddler class in the mornings for both of you. You can slowly ease her into their playschool part when she is 20 months old, and you will find some other SAHM's you could interact with regularly.

    Take care, and all the best! Enjoy these years and make it work, you wont be this popular in her life in a few years!


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