Friday, August 08, 2014

4 year old big girl

So the little baby refuses to be called a baby anymore
She throws a fit everytime I do so.
She is 4 now, now way a baby..Huff!
She tells me a million reasons, she isn't a baby!
'I have no diapers, I eat my own food ( Not!)'
'I sleep on my own, I don't cry at all (Really!)'
And the monologue continues till I give in and say
'You are a big girl' (Not!)
I dont have any reasons to give but you will always be
my little baby.
I will embarrass you constantly in front of your friends
I will fuss over you constantly
I will do everything my mum did that infuriated me to wits end
I will because I cant help being a mother!
Afterall , whats a mother who isnt hovering all over you! :D

Happy Birthday baby! And heres to many many more years of Birthdays and still you will be always my baby!


  1. Loved reading it..completely relate..happy birthday to your little one

  2. So sweet.I wish I have such lovely parents. My parents always tell me to grow up and behave like an adult. Being a baby for ever is so special.

  3. So sweet.At the age of 4, she considers herself as an adult. Poor her mother,must in in mess what to do?


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