Saturday, May 03, 2014 - Overall experience review

YIt is overwhelming ,to say the least ,when your first child is born. You can just be two of you or have an entire village to raise your new born, but it is daunting ,nonetheless. 
I clearly remember my first venture out into big bad world of shopping with my little one. 
I went out with an intention of browsing and finding out about various baby products out there. I had no clue,you see! Also, as per My family traditions,I wasn't supposed to buy any baby products before birth itself. So I put no research in it. 
But within 15 minutes, I realised 3 things:
1) You can't just browse and look around with a newborn.
2) Baby need a diaper change.
3) Baby needs a feed.
So within 20 minutes,we are back into the car heading home. I ask my ever supportive relatives to get me the essentials.

After 3 months, I found this site and joined it I 2011. I think it was almost within a couple of weeks it was launched by Karishma Kapoor. 
First, I got a pram here. I was really happy with prompt delivery and quality of the product. I ,then, got a high chair and a toddler cot from here ,amongst other things.

 I was happy that I could get things at my doorstep and within a couple of days of order. I was happy that all that I could ask for in terms of baby products, I got to see under one virtual roof. 
Basically, it gave a sense of being able to do something without needing some help or support with baby care.
I never had any issues with the services and all the products I ordered from their site were as per expectations.
I thank the team for providing quality products for a harrowed new mother right when she needed it the most. 

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