Sunday, December 01, 2013

First Day! Of December Marathon Blogging!

So last I blogged a marathon was in December 2012. I chanced the Marathon Bloggers when I was reading
Mama Says So by Rohini Haldea. Then I went in uninvited like a 'bin bulaya mahman' and requested entry into the group. That impulse paid out and how! I had the best time ever I have had on the internet and blogging world ever. And I never felt like an outsider who barged into a group of friends. Thats how wonderful the people in the group are.

So here I am now again in December 2013, ready to join the roller coaster ride again. But a lot has changed since then.
I have moved to NewZealand. Last time around Simran was in Welly,NZ and I used to be in awe of the NZ that she used to describe in her posts. Lol life and its weird ways!

I am back working and I do regret my decision not to be a stay-at-home-mum anymore.Life as a working mum sucks big time. I have so many balls more in the air , it aint a joke! I was equally busy as a SAHM but now I have the added guilt of leaving the toddler in a daycare/kindy. Sigh! more on my persepective as a working mum in a later post. ( I have to leave somethings for the next 30 days na)

I am now thinking of plunging into the pressure and maybe go for the second child The expat situation makes me feel so mostly. More on this also in a later post :D

So I hope to have loads of fun this year too with this wonderful set of people.

Happy Blogging!


  1. Good luck and will stop by to read the posts :)

  2. I am a work from home mom and share the emotional rollercoaster you are on. Here's wishing you all the best.. we working mums have a way of keeping all those balls up in the air!

  3. We're going to have fun :) All the best for one more Marathon!

  4. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Welcome to the roller coaster ride, I totally get it darling :)

    and glad u felt at home at MB, we are a nice cozy group arent we

  5. Wow ! a whole lot packed into this first post :D Life of a working mom is indeed tough...but the tough get going...Good luck for all good things :)


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