Monday, December 09, 2013

Day 9- Can you believe it?

Its not a regular thing nowadays to write a date i.e to physically write a date with a pen on a paper. I had to do it for something today and 2 things struck to me.
1) Oh my God! Nostalgia of writing dates in CW(Class work) notebooks and HW(Homework) notebooks.
We were reprimanded when we missed writing the dates in the notebook. We even had a specific format in which to write it. Oh! But how I miss that!

2) 12-9-2013. Oh my God! Again! 2013 is almost over . I mean it is going to end too. Where did the year fly off? Am I the only one who feels time is set to fast-forward? I feel like Joey from Friends and feel like asking God, ' Why God why!'

So that was the realizations for the day for me. It struck me hard and I was all low when I came back home. I tell my non-nonchalant husband about it and all he says is, 'Happy Realization' and turns back to his stupid games. Hmm! :D

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  1. I keep thinking the same. Where did the year fly by. In fact when I was reading some of my Jan / Feb 2013 blog posts.. they feelings and happenings all seemed too far away.


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