Sunday, December 15, 2013

Day 15- Middle Point. Crazy Weekends

I wait for weekends desperately. Maybe much more than I should as they aren't worth it at all.
They come and go faster than the wait. All the jobs around the house that are buried like the clothes in the laundry taunt me.
I know I shouldn't push house work to the weekend and do things everyday. I have huge scheduled daily chores lists that never work. Most of these lists are vouched on Pinterest to have a very good success rate. But alas! Nothing works for me.

So in doing laundry, getting grocery, folding laundry,vacuuming house,steaming carpets and doing dishes, the weekend disappears in a blink. Its already Sunday evening for me as I write this. Yet another weekend bites the dust.

I resolve this next week I will stick to my chores schedule and keep my weekend absolutely chore-free.
Here's to that thought.

Happy Next Week!

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