Friday, December 13, 2013

Day 13- “They say laughter is the best medicine...”

“They say laughter is the best medicine...”
So Here are few FB statuses regarding things my 3 year old has said in the past few days that has never failed to bring a huge grin on my face.. 

  • Vevina spills water on the couch and her dad reprimands her. Seriously offended the child says,' Baba you are being so loud. I wont be your sister anymore!' Dare I laugh because she is still my sister and I would like to keep it that way! [Oh! SHe is our sister because she cant be our doctor aka daughter]
  • Before heading out today, Vevina stops me and asks 'Mumma put color on eyes and lipstick like TV girl and be pretty' Sigh! High Expectations of my girly girl 
  • So our ploy of making her give us letters at each turn and putting all letters back into the bag after we finish scrabble, is getting old. Today an angry Vevina says, ' I am upset! Baba tidy up your own mess! 3 years old,just.
  • So Vevina says she wants to grow up and fast into a big girl like mummy. I ask her why and pat comes a reply,'I can press all the buttons in the lift and the bus!' Aah! We are a push button generation.
  • The toddler has joined swimming classes recently! Her teacher is scared that no other parent will let their toddlers to learn from her or probably even report her! Our little girl here shouts 'Save me,Save me!Mumma' all the time she is in the pool!
  • So the other day, while returning from preschool, my 3 yr old demands for a skipping rope. I tell her that I have no coins. She thinks a while and tells me 'Mumma has a card,na!' Yup Mumma got the skipping rope,alright!
Laughter has generally multiplied by so many folds since my daughter is born. This child of mine is the only medicine I need :)


  1. Lovely!! Kids can really brighten up your day!!

  2. Kids give us the pure entertainment, don't they :-)


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