Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Indian Groceries in Auckland,CBD

There is only so much of pasta or bread that I can enjoy. I need my quota of rasam and rice to stay sane as a thorough South-Indian. The food choice is built in my DNA, I think. Initially. I tried all cuisines and tried to pick up groceries from the local superstores and not even trying to look into their international aisles. :D

Then began my hunt for Indian Grocery Stores and as usual the Google failed and local Indian acquaintances proved to be more helpful in locating the stores, especially within the CBD. Everyone will tell you to go to Sandringham, the mini India, in Auckland. But the suburb is a bus ride away for me and I am in the lookout for stores within the city. 

1. Buy the Way Suprette/Dairy
                 This was the first store I found on my own just strolling along the Custom Street one evening. It has the basic essentials like atta,rice, poha and the dals. It also has a few main spices and some frozen foods. Clean and well-maintained, it is a quick to shop while on the way to Britomart.
1 Anzac Ave
Auckland Central

Auckland 1010
Area: Viaduct

2. Indian Spice City
                    This was the first full blown Indian grocery store. It is right in the next lane of Buy the Way but I missed it always and didnt know it existed for a long time.  Mostly, they have everything you can think of for an Indian Kitchen. But I was a little concerned about the cleanliness and the maintenance of the place. The prices are cheaper than most and the variety is there. I wish they would be a little more clean.

10 Anzac Ave
Auckland Central

Auckland 1010
Area: Viaduct
09 379 3786
3.Indian Grocery Store
                            This is closer to the apartment we are living in and solves most of my Indian grocery problems on a daily basis. Slightly more expensive than the other Indian grocery stores,but being at a walking distance to my place, price is not that a big problem. Its a neat little place and has all the staples. The owners are very sweet and friendly. The milk they sell is the cheapest I have seen in Auckland CBD. Also they make their own paneer. 

215 Karangahape Road

4. Indian Spice World
                     This is on the Hobson street and it never comes on google ever. Even after I have found it and I know its there , google doesnt agree. This is the cleanest Indian grocery I have seen in a while. Now by clean I mean non-cluttered, open and spacey. It has got a lot of variety and it is pretty near to everything.
This is the latest store I have found with obvious help from a friend. 

222,Hobson Street

5. NZ Convenience & Kebabs
This one is also a handy convinience store with all basic Indian pantry goods available at a reasonable rate. Dont go here for exotic or rare ingredients but the regular dal-chawal-paneer is available. Has some pretty good homemade curries on sale too.

131-133 Hobson Street,
 Auckland Central, 
Auckland, 1010

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  1. Thanks for these! I hope most of them are still there!! This has been very helpful :)


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