Thursday, August 08, 2013

Food Quality Control Scare!

It is the scariest nightmare for parents! It is already a big fear when the choice of formula over breast milk is made. Obviously, It aint a easy choice. I believe, lesser and lesser number of people are now choosing formula over breastmilk for cosmetic reasons. That myth is done and busted for most.

I am going off the topic. For whatever reasons, a mother chooses formula over her own milk, she is putting an infinite amount of trust on the company that provides the formula for her. The tiny humans depend on the companies to be careful and to be careful a little more.

Any company which deals with food should be having strict standards. But obviously, with babies the matter gets even more sensitive.

Even though, most formula recalls happening in NZ are mostly precautionary. No news of any untoward happenings with babies have yet been reported. God forbid. That in one way is good that the company is owning up to the mistake understanding the gravity of the issues that could be caused by not coming forward and recalling the products.

With no checks in place, this is the kind of news that could come across:
With a country like India, population does make it really difficult to quality control. It is a logistical nightmare. Though thats no excuse at all. 23 children died in school and now more parents might think its safer not to send their kids to school in Bihar. They wont learn a thing but atleast they will be alive!

In a country like NZ, I see no such excuse too. The head of the company apologised. Is that gesture enough?
More standards and more strict quality checks should happen. Tax us more for the same but put it to good use I say! 


  1. It was such a disheartening news...We have very less regard for human life...Every time I pick a packet of biscuits, I cannot stop my mind from thinking about all that process it must have gone through. I decide to bake cookies, I open up a packet of flour or sugar, I cant help but notice specks of dirt...I question me...the source from which I buy...I am slowly throwing away all processed foods from my shelf and moving to eating more natural stuff...But then I also think...maybe I should start growing my own!

  2. It was a very disturbing news, that one! My heart goes out to all those parents, it was so unfair on them!
    I must confess this incident had me frantically checking and cross checking expiry dates on all edibles for some days!


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