Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T is for toys! Mine that is..

I love soft toys! I have a mini collection of those. I sometimes let my  year old play with them but mostly I have them stashed off in my cupboard. But now that I am moving , I know I cannot take them all. Possible none as my child's toys take precedence over mine. Sigh!
My mum will keep my toys for me :D But they wont migrate with me!
Let me show you my favorite ones with special memories attached to them. I took these pictures in the morning when we were trying to decide what to take and what not to take to NZ.

My Softies!


IBMer- first gift by my brother! His first company!

My first ever soft toy! this one is 20 years old

Gifts on my brithday from my BFFs JPRUSS

Gift from my bestie Charu


  1. I have Snoopy from Peanuts teddy and my Mums because he is so old. I have some carebears and an old dragon. I managed to part with most things and let them live on with other families (i hope!)

  2. Who doesn't like their toys? Now I have big girl toys, like a sewing machine...

  3. How adorable...great collection...


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