Tuesday, April 23, 2013

S is for me! My name!

I have two names one my real name as given by my parents and one I got from my schooling days.

Let me tell you how I got my name from my schooling days. I went to a christian school run by an old American man named John L Dorsey and 6 other christian people. I remember him as a jolly old man who lived down my neighborhood and rode a cycle. I joined the school as a tiny 3 year old and was there till I turned 15.

It was a small school when I joined. A tiny little cozy setup of loving teachers and ayahs. When I was in first class I got a merit certificate for something I dont remember :P That time when I was called upon by Mr.Dorsey , he had difficulty getting my name, So he thought for a moment and he called me 'SiA'.
Thats first two letters from my first name and First Letter from my Surname. I was confused for a moment but I loved the name. I also think I got my first crush that day. He is what a man should be like, I thought.
 I had even decided that day, that when I get married my husband should call me Sia. All this as a 5 year old , mind you! I kept up with my resolution. My husband calls me only Sia. Nobody else really does. I like that . It reminds me of the great old man sometimes.

Here's a picture of him with Mrs.Dorsey.
Isn't he the handsomest!

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