Tuesday, April 09, 2013

H is for Hyderabad!

My City!

I have been a transfer kid. We have shifted homes from Kakinada to Delhi to Mumbai to Hyderabad now. I love each city I have lived in. Each city represents a phase of life for me.
Kakinada is my birth place.
Delhi is my Childhood
Mumbai is my Teenage and Early 20s

Hyderabad represents my Married life and Motherhood. Here is where I grew up very quickly from an irresponsible brat who didnt know her way to the kitchen to a mother. It is a long way reached within a small span of 5 years.

Hyderabad is the "City of Nawabs" or royalty. Gone is the king and the kingdom, but the attitude prevails. Everything is laidback and chilled out. It got to my nerves coming from a city like Mumbai.
Mumbai is fast paced. Its like the NewYork of India. Everything is valued against time. Time is the most precious asset in Mumbai. In Hyderabad, its exactly the opposite. People already have loads and loads of money. They are in no hurry at all.
Hyderabadi's love their food. It is also rich as its culture. Hyderabadi Dum Biryani and Haleem draws people from all across the worlds to Hyderabad.

One typical unique feature of Hyderabad, I have noticed is that for every mosque, there is a temple pretty close to it. The chants of the mantras and azaans almost blend into unique soothing sounds.

Another feature of Hyderabad is the dialect of urdu spoken called the "Hyderabadi Urdu" . It is a mixture of language of North India "Hindi" and the South Indian "Telugu" with a blend of Urdu and Persian touches.

Overall, it took me time to fall in love with this city but now its my city. I love it.

What are the 2 features you find interesting in the place you live?


  1. I was in Hyderabad recently and found it to have changed beyond recognition. Of course I was last there almost 23 years back :)

  2. Anonymous5:06 PM

    I could number infinite ones in Chandigarh
    1. Punjab University Campus.
    2. Sector 17.
    Anyone almost anyone have them on top of list.

    Very nice post.

  3. I like the way you categorized various phases of your life as per different cities.
    I had never been to Hyderabad...but one of my friend was there for her studies and the only thing she talked about is horrible summers of Hyderabad.
    I am taking clue from your post and picking up my H as in Hometown :)

  4. My hubbie was in Hyderabad not long ago,for work. He regularly visits Hyderabad and Mumbai, and I've been begging to go with him for years. I'm glad I discovered your blog via the #atozchallenge, I'll be stopping by for more true local impressions of the country.

  5. Hyderabad is a great city to be in if you ignore the water problem ! :P

  6. never been to Hyderabad, but it seems interesting, have a family who bring me briyani every time they visit Hyderabad..good post

  7. Spent my later school years in Hydie :) Enjoyed many things about the place. Have also grown up in various cities in India and loved the experience. Difficult to find just 2 things about each place! Very nice post, keep it up :)


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