Saturday, January 26, 2013

Vidya Balan -The blushing bride!

I saw the rerun of the Zee Cine Awards 2013 a couple of days back . The only thing that caught my interest was Vidya Balan. Everything else was monotonous and mundane, as is with all award ceremonies. Everything looks fake. The air kisses, the hugs , the mutual admiration clubs and all that jazz.
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Vidya Balan was a fresh difference. She showed what she was feeling currently. As any new bride just back from her honeymoon would ! Unlike the prim and poised and nothing-much-has-changed or I-dont-care attitude that is reflected by other recently married women like Kareena Kapoor or much before Aishwarya Rai. Oh! They did become Kareena Kapoor Khan or Aishwarya Rai Bachchan but that's just about it.No I am not saying they arent happy but they are too controlled and prim and propah!

I like her being all over the place. Blabbering and all the words coming out of her mouth basically just talked of one man, her husband. Pure marital bliss, unadulterated. No pretenses. No effort to hide.

Vidya once said "‘I don’t know if I should be saying this but getting pregnant has always worked for me. It worked for me in Paa (2009) and then in Kahaani. Maybe this is a cue for you, Sid. But in real life… No! I am not pregnant.” (sic)

She even praised Shahrukh Khan and said in the end ,' You know why I like you ,na! Because of the initials SRK' Awww, SRK are also the initials of her new husband Sidharth Roy Kapoor.

It felt so good to see something real  in the entire mix of multi-hued laser beam artificiality and the audacity of the anchors who think comedy is to berate themselves or people around them.

Oh the Fashion Gurus can go ballistic about her kanjeevarams and how beaten to death that look is! But the look on her face with bright sindoor in her forehead and a rosy glow on  cheeks and a slight post-wedding happy weight on her body, she is what a happy newly wed bride should be!


  1. AwWw.. She does look quite the radiant newly wed. Touchwood indeed.

  2. Although I love her acting and her looks, I do feel she's taken the liberty of weight gaining for Dirty Picture a little too far..She'll still look great with some pounds off :-) That apart, I do agree with you about her being herself and not conforming to general film brigade pretense. It's refreshing!

  3. I like Vidya Balan too... though the image of her in Parineeta is what I feel suits her best..She carries off those sarees with aplomb. That having been said though, it took a lot to break the mould with a movie like Dirty Picture and I think she did that really well too.


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