Saturday, December 29, 2012

Why so serious?

It is the holiday time. Everyone is busy partying,shopping,eating out and meeting loved ones. But there is a lingering sadness in the air. Behind every smile is a hesitation.

There are so many things going on around me I fear happiness is now an effort to be consciously made. Smiles are difficult.

Usually in a family gathering, the discussions are always optimistic and carefree. But the last few nights, our family discussions are abysmally disappointing. Above all we are family worried about the little girls we are raising. We are worried about whether the state is going to be split and the bandh that is called yet again in the city.

There is not much enthusiasm to plan our New Year celebrations as Nirbhaya struggles to stay alive. I have tried to forget and live on . But I cant. As she struggles to live, I wonder whether she should live on and face the music. What kind of life is she going to have ? I fear if she is ever going to fully recover and live a life she always dreamed of.

There was an interesting observation my FIL made. The villain of Hindu Mythology 'Raavan' looks a very good man now in retrospection. He never touched Sita ever. He wanted to marry her first. Even in Hindi Movies for a long time, the villian will always call a pandit and try and force the girl to marry him first. A certain level of decency was maintained even in the bad guys. That no longer is seen now. The villains are becoming more and more inhuman. 

Sigh! I cant write beyond this.. I have to go and pretend to be jolly just for the sake of it.


  1. I have stopped reading the news for a few days.
    Kind of wasted efforts to remain jolly, too.
    But we ought to face the truth someday!


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