Saturday, December 22, 2012

Day 22 - Bucket List 2013

I will jump right to the point here. :)

1. Buy a house!

2. Get the toddler potty-trained and settled into full time preschool.

3. Join back to full time work.

4. Go to a grocery store alone once at least. ( Yup Never done that! Going to Change :|)

5. Read at-least 1 book a week.

6. Go to Texas to my brother's for a long vacay with the kids.

7. Visit all 7 continents. I have just 3/7.

8. Watch a live concert from front row [ Wouldn't mind if it was ColdPlay!]

9. Go on a vacation without any gadgets (phones,pods,laptops,etc;) to a beach front and just watch the waves.

10.Redo my wedding in a white gown ( This will only happen if I change my husband, he doesn't even agree to it even its just for imagination!)

11.  Participate in a flash mob.

12. See a stripper in a strip club [I almost did, but I chickened out a couple of years back :P]

13. Want to take my husband to the above club with me and see his reactions :P

14. Fire my maid and have energy to do it all! 
15. Take the Toddler to Disneyland ( mumma went , no fair that she doesnt get to go)
16. Take Spouse to Vegas ( Again wifey went , no fair he doesn't get to go )

17. Get the toddler interested in some form of musical instrument and learn it,eventually.

18. Learn to belly dance ( I have a belly alright! :p)

19. Go at-least on one date night a month with spouse.

20. Learn another language. I have just 6 in my reportoire.

Now that I have made this list. I'll keep editing it as I tick off things done and surely keep adding to my bucket list as I grow. This was fun. Now I am eager to read your bucket list. Tell me. Tell me.


  1. WOW! that's some list I say..and most of it doable, right? with you on 5, 7 and 9.
    All the best..may you have all your wishes fulfilled :-)

  2. "Just 6 languages" that is not JUST at all :O *mouth open* Loved your list!! Date nights are important or any form of spending time with spouse minus kid and so are visits to any place minus spouse and kids. Go for it :) Fun reading this, it's like discovering more about each other!!

  3. You and I have a lot in common...oved your lisst, and i'm sure very soon, you'll be ticking off most of them.

  4. WOW! That's a strong list...looks like this year is going to be real busy :) Good luck

  5. Arey one main thing I FORGOT

  6. hoo.. loved this list! You must blog about that strip club if you get to it ;).. and fire maid and do it all.. wish I even had the energy to think I could do it!

  7. All the best especaiilly with # 19 and #20 - maybe combine them?

  8. 6 languages? You must be kidding me polyglot!

    You know after watching "Whose wedding is it anyway" when I was in the US, I've been wanting a white wedding too... but same story here :) In fact, am not sure if I'd marry the same man again (kidding!)

    As for potty training, hoga hoga, don't fret!



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