Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 21- Christmas with a hindu God!

I put up a Christmas tree a few mornings ago and am working up the toddler, for Santa coming with tonnes of gifts.
The toddler got really excited with all the ornaments and asked for each one "What is this?" and she seemed to be going deeper into thought after each of my answer. She then saw a small Small Santa Claus ornament and asked "What is this?". I replied,"He is Jeji (God's) helper. He brings gifts to good girls" . She again thought for a few seconds and pointed at him and asked "Jeji?". I didnt get time to reply as she immediately begun reciting
                  Shuklam Baradam Vishnu
                  Shashivarnam chaturbhujam
                  Prasanna vadhanam dhyayet
                  Sarva vignopa santaye

I laughed inside at the innocence. I know Jesus understands the above shlokas from the Sahasranam and I know he wouldn't mind a 2 year old singing a prayer to him in any language or religion.

But then I told her the Santa likes this but he loves the "Jingle Bells" . Its his favorite song ever. So she sang that too with hands put together.

There we have it. A Christmas tree with a dash of Vishnu each time the toddler looks at it, first thing in the morning. I am loving it :)

So we have two trees for Christmas. Yeah both plastic [I don't do anything for the environment  :( ] One is small and one is a little bigger. Here is a peek at the smaller one for now:

Can you see what I have used as Ornaments on the tree? These are hair accessories I have bought the toddler. They look so pretty on the tree, don't they?

I am still doing up the other one . We,me and toddler, are doing some paper ornaments for that tree. I do the ornaments and the toddler crumples half of them in excitement. Its fun!


  1. I am sure Jesus will not mind that. A big hug for the li'l one and a Merry Christmas to you all!!
    P.S. - You should make her listen to the punjabi version of jingle bells for some fun ;) LOL

  2. Innocence in kids. Its so endearing. And the ornaments on the christmas tree is cool.

  3. aww..that's so sweet to chant the verse..and a toddler recites shuklaam Baradam?? wow..:-)
    Merry Christmas to you all!

  4. Aww...have a great christmas :)

  5. the lil one recites shukalam .. so cute it must be.. hugs!

  6. Loved the concept as well as the ornaments :), what a lovely idea!


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