Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day 13-These are the few of My Favorite Songs [English]

I am the biggest music buff ever.Debate it if you want. I am always either humming songs or listening to them . I have got bad hearing, I think, thanks to the constant earphones in my ears for most of the non-baby time.These are some of the songs which never ever leave my playlists.

Do you have any of these in your all time favorite ?

1) Bob Dylan (Rolling like a Stone)
           How does it feel ?
           Aw, how does it feel ?
           To be on your own ?
           With no direction home ?
           Like a complete unknown ?
           Like a rolling stone ?

2) Cardigans (Lovefool)
          Love me love me
         say that you love me
         fool me fool me
         go on and fool me
         Love me love me
         I know that you need me
          I can't care about anything but you.

3) Sixpence none the richer -Kiss me
         Kiss me beneath the milky twilight.
         Lead me out on the moonlit floor.
         Lift your open hand.
         Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance,
         silver moon's sparkling.
        So kiss me.

4) Sixpence none the richer -(There she goes) (Orignally by Lee Mavers) 
        There she goes...
        There she goes again
        Chasing down my lane
        And I just can't contain
       This feeling that remains       

5) Ingrid Michaelson- (Keep Breathing)
        The storm is coming but I don't mind.
        People are dying, I close my blinds.
        All that i know is I'm breathing now.
        I want to change the world... instead I sleep.
        I want to believe in more than you and me.
     (This song never fails to make me emotional.. also featured in Grey's Anatomy, indie singers    have the best songs)

6) Snow Patrol- (Chasing Cars)
        If I lay here
        If I just lay here
        Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

7) Tom Petty(Free Fallin)
            And I'm free, free fallin'  
            Yeah I'm free, free fallin'

8)  Frank and Nancy Sinatra- (Something Stupid)

           I practice every day to find some clever lines to say
           To make the meaning come through
           But then I think I'll wait until the evening gets late and I'm alone with you
           The time is right, your perfume fills my head, the stars get red and, oh, the night's so blue
           And then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like "I love you"

9) Dirty Dancing- (Time of my life)
           Now with passion in our eyes
           There's no way we could disguise it secretly
           So we take each other's hand
           'Cause we seem to understand the urgency

10) Anastasia-Richard Marx and Donna Lewis- (At The Beginning )
             We were strangers on a crazy adventure
              Never dreaming how our dreams would come true
             Now here we stand unafraid of the future
             At the beginning with you

Yeye this is the most easiest post by far for me and I am going to use music again to come to my rescue :D


  1. I have 5, 6, 7 and 9 on my play list too!! I love these 4 and more. Are you a Grey's Anatomy fan by any chance?? Coz I discovered some of these songs there and have fallen in love with them ever since. That reminds me my love for GA deserves a post!! ;)

  2. This is such nostalgia. Love the songs, and my most favourite one from 'Dirty Dancing'..actually the songs. Lovely post here..

  3. @Simran : GA fan alright.I am currently watching GA Season 9 dont ask me how here :P I might be sued.
    I loved it till season 6. From then on I feel it is loosing its original grip a little. Who is your fav character?

    1. I am on Season 7 and don't ask me how I am watching it too ;) I love Cristina ever since Season 1.... and Derek comes a close second. What about you??

  4. I love listening to songs too..but English/western is not quite my cup of tea..I prefer hindi/regional/film/semi-classical stuff :-)

    1. @Uma Just for you I ll do a hindi/tamil/telugu mix soon :D I just need a reason to write a musical blog.

  5. There she goes again!

    Can't help singing at least half the songs you've listed. Awww! Iam 'having the time of my life' :)

  6. some of the songs ave beautiful lyrics and i like ur selection specially one by Frank Sinatra "something stupid'

    1. Something Stupid is too good lyrics wise

  7. lovely selections and i especially like the lyrics of Frank Sinatra

  8. wow tom petty classic :)Wdnt mind sharing ur i tunes

  9. the songs you choose say so much about you as a person.

    1. Oh what what? Tell me .. I love to hear about myself :P

  10. Lovely list.. many of them remind me of my "younger" days.. hmph.. I seem to be saying that a bit too often nowadays :P

  11. Anonymous1:01 AM

    Love these nos.. esp Sinatra and tom petty and dirty dancing!!!!

  12. bob dylan i loveeeeee... and i see we can form a GA mini group here lady... and season 9... did i read that!

  13. Listening to your play list now! and loving it :)


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