Sunday, November 04, 2012

The Bankster By Ravi Subramaniam - Book Review

Author: Ravi Subramaniam
Genre: Crime Thriller

The author Ravi Subramaniam,personally autographed the book. I fell for the gesture. Is there any way I can go negative in my Review? Aah! Little gestures go a long way.

This is a globetrotting book which takes us from  Angola to Cochin to Vienna to Mumbai. Each location introduces us to different stories with different characters as different as chalk and cheese.
After first few chapters, we are introduced to all the locations and stories but left wondering what is the link between all those stories. This multilateral approach almost brought all my mommy brain cells concentrated on the book. That is a great achievement mind you! I have a toddler competing for attention 24/7. If I can think of the book over her, you've got a bestseller in hand.Although, one feels that the author googled up the latest happenings around the world and then started the novel.

You have certain expectations with a thriller. You always come up with your own suspects and leads. I wasnt anywhere near in my guesses. I love that in a thriller. Also a thriller is as good as its speed. This book is racy at its best. Theres no monotony. Not in the way characters are introduced too. Not too much time is wasted on trivialities of their lives. It wasnt necessary at all.

I am no investment banker. I read it as a total outsider to that world. But the good part is that I didn't feel out of place. I could be an investment banker as I felt I understood the world easily. That is kudos to the author.  

I felt that the end was slightly more rushed . The author already was successful in bringing all the stories together but with a little bit more acceleration.

The Characters have no depth. You don't attach emotionally to any single character. But I guess the genre of the novel doesnt demand for that. I should have been able to connect to Karan Punjabi, the banker spy journo hero but I think I should go back to 'The incredible Banker' which introduces Punjabi and the fictional bank 'Greater Boston Global Bank'. Joseph Braganza, with all his alias, fails to impress as a negative character. You dont feel the hatred for him as a negative character should evoke.

Overall, the book is very interesting to read. Its a book you cannot put down until you finish. And I think I am surely going to read it again sometime soon.

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