Friday, November 02, 2012

I am thankful this Friday for....

I switch on the fan , it's too cold, so I put on a comforter and sleep cozily. I wakeup to my digital alarm which sings the suprabhatam in MS way! I snooze it and switch on the geyser before turning the living room lights on. I put the milk in the microwave to boil and switch on the coffeemaker and put the phones and the iPod to charge. I then have a hot shower. Nothing like a hot shower in the morning for me. I come out to brewing coffee from the coffeemaker. I turn on the TV to hear the morning news about the bandh that was supposed to be called last night. The entire day would be planned based on that news. No bandh the TV says. I put on my tracks and take the lift from 6 th floor to the 14 th floor to the terrace. Its just to catch some fresh morning air. A few minutes later,I take the lift back home. Now to make breakfast, I put breads in the toaster for the hubby and some rice in the electric cooker for the tiffin. I feel energised and in control of my day!
Suddenly the power goes off! Damn the power cut! I curse the electricity board. Why do they always take out power in such wrong times? And why only in my area? I feel helpless. All my work is stalled till the power comes on. The breakfast is also not ready yet. It is still dark in the apartment as ventilation wasn't really a major concern in the architectural plan! So I wait for the power to come...
It comes back in an hour! I am relieved. N I thank God and go to my appliances. Imagine if this powercut would have been for days! I would go into a panic attack for sure.
But this is currently happening to my relatives in Jersey, USA! They are sure they won't get power for atleast a week more! And they are still Ok with it! They are grateful they are alive and doing ok and all Together. Ofcourse, they do miss the central heating but they are ok. Perspective. They just survived a superstorm named Sandy and not having power is a minor problem.
Tough task. I can't imagine what the people Of east coast are facing currently. I have them in my prayers currently and hope the power is restored sooner and life returns to normalcy.

Can you survive without electricity for more than a few hours a day? I know I ' ll have a real tough time adjusting. So I am thankful this Friday for electricity!


  1. We sometimes crib about so many things in our life forgetting to count the blessings....and we take things so granted!!!
    Sandy has been too devastating :-(

  2. Yes, isn't it amazing how things change with time! Earlier, we in India used to suffer loadshedding for the whole day and we lived with it despite heat, humidity and mosquitoes!
    Love your morning routine!

  3. @NBose and @Roshni Thanks for reading and commenting gals :)


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