Sunday, November 18, 2012

RIP Mr.Thackeray

Saffron-ism always made me wary. I am proud of being a Hindu but I am more than just that. So Saffron color doesnt appeal to me so much as secularism.

I am also not Ethnocentric. I cannot relate to one culture. I am a product of cosmopolitan, multicutural way of life. So I dont understand when someone so proudly stands up and talks only of "Marathi Manus".

I donot call people travelling within India amongst states as "Immigrants". So I donot understand why should someone fight for ensuring Social Security of a Maharastrian and not all Indians.

I donot understand many things that you stood for Dear Sir. I wish I could (or maybe not). But you fought for what you thought was the rightful way for India. Not everyone does that. Mostly we sit in the confines of our homes and critic.

R.I.P Mr.Thackeray. But as I see in Mumbai , majority of people are apprehensive and fearful after your death of a riot than actually mourning. With all due respects Sir, that you should looked into beforer starting your afterlife!

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  1. Well said. India is known and proud of its unity in diversity... Where I did not under him is that, why did he try to create barriers among the civilians... You made the point...

    P.S: This article by Katju in Hindu, yesterday,very well presents valid points. Very well spoke of the stands of constitution and Thakery!



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