Saturday, November 17, 2012

Books that got special loving by the Two year old

I didn't do it consciously . I always thought I wanted her to read some books once in a while between playing with toys and with friends. But she is a total bookworm. She will prefer a book over everything and anything. It isnt for the lack of choice. We have spoiled her with too many toys too. But it is the  book rack that is the only space which is never ignored any day.

First thing the toddler does as soon as she gets up is to go and get a book to "chakko" (read in Telugu) for "Duddu" time ( Milk in Hindi) . And invariably, she picks one of the following 10 books and I have them by heart now. Wake me up in my sleep at 3AM and I'll repeat the books to the minutest of the details. She will too. She memorized all these books by 18months while I took some more time.

Here is the list of 7 books I am sure wont fail with any baby. I started these books at the age of one and they are still a hit with her.

1) Dr.Suess's ABC Book

What a cool way to remember the letters and words starting with them. It isnt the boring A for apple and B for Ball . Its Auntie Annie's Alligator A..A..A . How about "Painting Pink Pyjamas,Policemen in a Pail,Peter's Pepper's Puppy and Now Pappa in a Pail" for P.
It is the most addictive way of saying the alphabets. I see a Camel on the Ceiling , Do you?

2) My Big Animal Book
Which baby doesnt like a moo moo cow or a bow wow doggy? Especially if the kid's dad takes them to the zoo more often then the neighborhood park.
The two year old collects soft toy figurines of animals and obviously animal books
But this book by Roger Priddy is the book she can spend hours with. Each picture is worth 25 odd toddler words ( Thousand in Adult version). Each animal has a story behind it and its fascinating to hear about a raccoon and difference between a cheetah and a leopard. (Here the ignorant mummy shamefully admits to have thought they are the same).

3)Fluffy Chicks and Friends by
This was the first book bought by me for my baby. I never really get to buy many things as things are gifted before I think about it :|
She has this from about 3 months of age and its been eaten more than read. She loves to touch and feel but with more things than her hands. She also uses it sometimes as a cushion to sit on.
Again it has the familiar farm animals of which the hero is the 'Moo Moo Cow'. She absolutely goes ga-ga over the animal to the point of screaming at one when she actually sees one. I pity the one animal who bore the brunt of too much excitement once. The cow didnt know what hit her , poor thing!

4) Spot looks at Opposites

Now this book is one amongst a series of books by Eric Hill. But the toddler doesnt even touch the other ones. The 'Doggy' book is what she calls it.
This book particularly doesnt get many words out of her. This is one of her 'alone time' books.

5)Are you my Mother?
This one is my favorite book to read out to the toddler. No, not just because it features me, the mother :D It is a book which actually teaches a lot to toddler. it teaches about relations,animals and transportations too. DumpTruck or the 'Snort' is her favorite though.
Each time we read this book I ask her 'Where's your mumma?' and she would turn around faster than a lightening and hug me. The first time she did it,she was about 15 months old. I cried so much that day that she was petrified into not doing it again for a couple of weeks.Sigh!

6) Mr.Brown can moo, Can you?
Now if you have sounds to repeat like 'Moo-Moo, Buzz Buzz Klopp-Klopp,Pop Pop, Dibble Dibble, cockadoodledoo' wont you have fun?

It is hillarious to hear us really. Most of us who have heard me or baba or granny read it with the toddler is almost always in tears with laughter.

One has to actually read it with a toddler to understand that because it is very hard to make noises like that! Splattt!

7) 366 words in Bangalore
I got this book for free when I bought somethings off a baby site named I am slightly biased towards well established foreign authors as far as the toddler is concerned.I am ashamed of being so but thats how it is.
This is my first 'desi' toddler book and I love it.Now I am on the look out for more good Indian kid books. The book tells about festivals and pujas and places in Bengaluru but almost similar to rest of India too.
It helps to teach the child about festivals like Dussehra and Diwali.
Also, the toddler now knows all her planets because she saw some in this book and mommy had to elaborate and tell her all about the Solar System. I know! Tad too early for these things,na? But it sounds really cute when I hear her say 'Muuucccui' ( for Mercury).

There are many more books in the list. But I'll tell you about them in another post. Now is time for mommy to go actually read some books herself and go 'chikki jo jo' (sleep) before the monster gets up.
Have fun and do tell me some books you'd recommend for a 2 year old?


  1. Good collection of books sirisha.

  2. Sia, thanks for this post..Now i know what to buy for my girl :)


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