Monday, November 12, 2012

Making Forts and Narak Chaturdashi

The Great Maratha Chatrapathi Shivaji had a great influence on Mahastrian culture and festivities. When I think of Maratha Kingdom, I think of the various fabulous forts spread across Maharastra.
During Diwali, models emulating these forts are made at home using mud, cardboard and various other household stuff. Its so much fun!

This time as the toddler is 2 and can understand a little about crafts, the hubby decided to start the tradition of making a model fort at home. The toddler thoroughly enjoyed scrapping through bits and paper and loved the final product. Though it is a tough task now to let the fort last atleast a day before the toddler invasion. Daddy defenses arent that strong!

Toddler and the fort

Final Fort
Vevi's Fort. The Sand is sprinkled with mustard seeds and water. Hoping for some green soon :)

What do you do on Choti Diwali?


  1. That fort looks amazing!!! OMG, did you actually build the whole thing at home??

  2. Thanks My Husband and the toddler did it together :D


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