Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Diwali and my first attempt at Faral

Did you all have a happy and noise less Diwali?
Happy, I bet you did ! But noise free is a dream which will stay unfulfilled. Afterall who hears the fearful wails of innocent animals and babies in so much noise..Gah!

So we spent half evening trying to console a really scared two year old and resorted to singing songs really loudly with gestures and dancing. That appeased the toddler a bit till she finally gave in to sleep. Poor thing.

But we had loads of fun before the entire noise ruckus started.
It was a early morning for us. Father in law had told us that we should bathe and wear new clothes before 7.10AM. Thats way to early and now a little too cold for our comfort. But we managed to stick to the deadline. Phew! No Narak for us :D

Then we went to the toddler's favorite temple.In the Evening,We had a quiet little Lashmi Puja and burnt a few fuljhadis

Did I tell you I made Faral? Faral is the collective name for all the special food made for Deepavali in marathi. I owed it to my Marathi Husband. He missed having faral for a long time now and his Telugu wife was not upto the challenge till this time.

Have a look at the Faral,I made:
Mote Sev
Baarik Sev


It was fun making it. Though a little tedious sometimes especially with the toddler wanting to "help" mommy all the time. But I loved the happiness in my husband's eyes. You can take the Marathi away from his homeland but you cannot take the 'Marathiness' from inside him. Here's a collage of us during Diwali

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