Thursday, November 22, 2012

HiTech Toddlers- My Article on

Does your toddler know the gadgets better than you ?

Does your Tween use twitter or facebook account for fun?

Here is my view on the technology invading into young world too soon:

Do read and comment on the site:

Hitech Toddlers


  1. Loved the post... I read it in the evening. My views on the same, coming soon.

  2. You echo my sentiments!
    FB for a 9 month old!! I am amazed!
    This is the time for kids to explore the real wide world rather than be the slave of the virtual world!
    Lovely post, Sirisha! :)

    PS: You have both comment moderation as well as Word Verification on your blog. Since you are moderating comments, you can do away with Word Verification! It is a pain believe me!! :)

  3. Oops I hate that too :P I dont know when the settings changed for my comments.. my bad..thanks for bringing it to my notice Shilpa!


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