Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dont be Shanaya!

Dear Daughter,

I saw a movie called 'Student of the year' yesterday . I wish I didn't need too. It is a Karan Johar movie. So I was sort of obligated to see it,somehow.

It is a movie I'll show you when you are about Thirteen. I think it tells all about what you shouldn't be as a girl through the protagonist Heroine Shanaya.

Shanaya is shown to be about 16 or 17 at max in the movie. She is filthy rich and knows her designer labels alright. She has a boyfriend tag . Her only example of intelligence is shown when she says she doesnt want to become an cheerleader but again for all sorts of wrong reasons.

She does pass an IQ test but I donot know how. She shouldnt be having so much time to study as she is busy juggling between two men and worried about true love!

She is just 16 and is already doing what a man asks her to do. She is ready to quit the coveted competition to be the Student of the year for a man/boy. Sacrificing Typical Indian Lady despite all the expensive tags like 'Luis Vuitton','Jimmy Choo','Versace',etc; shows the modern and not so modern Girl who has got everything.

Her true love just has to say, ' Tum itni bhi bewkoof nahi ho jitni dikti ho' and she decides to marry him and do what else? What else is required,man?

This was 2012. Not 1990. Still the leading lady in Indian Cinema is just a bimbo. Not in chiffon sarees but in designer foreign brands that 90% of India cannot afford. I bet when you are 13, ie in 2023 also , Karan Johar still will make a movie exactly in the same way with the same kind of heroine. Movies will hardly progress.

But we can learn from them . They teach you what not to be. Its just that we should realise it early enough to go spend 200 bucks on such movies and come back and Say 'No No Shanaya, Shanaya' in us!


P.S Dear Karan Johar, I know you will only make feel good movies and not black ones .. Why should you? But even those can do without projecting heroines as dumb bimbos!

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