Saturday, October 27, 2012

R.I.P Saanvi!

There are certain headlines that really jolt me and make me feel miserable. All trust on humanity is lost for a second. A second only. I have to regain the trust to start living again, hoping selfishly that it doesnt happen to my family , my loved ones, my friends or friends of friends ever.

Saanvi Venna Dead

A little girl all of 10 months. She was yet to experience life. She was at a threshold of making her first steps into the wonderful world that she saw which  comprised of loving parents and a doting grandma.

Suddenly, one fine morning, her small world ended. She was too young to feel anything when her grandma was killed in front of her eyes. She may have still felt safe and happy when the kidnapper/killer picked her up as he was a close family friend. She would not have felt shock or disappointment for the so called family friend.

He didnt mean to kill her. He botched it. It was a mistake. He had elaborate plans to kidnap her and hold her for ransom of $50,000.But a sick twist of fate killed the little angel.

I have no words for the parents. I dont know what could console them . It wasnt a stranger who killed their people. It was someone whom they trusted and cared for.

I sit her before the laptop in anguish typing whatever words come out of my mind. This news has affected me so much. I will come out of it soon. I'll make my peace with the world and again start living in my bubble.My bubble of illusion where the world is a happy place for my kid to grow up in and be safe. Without this bubble, I dont think I can be sane.


  1. I know how you feel.. read it in news today. Such a senseless waste. Everyone says we're seeing so much bad news that we're getting numb to it all.. but I honestly am not. I get more and more depressed which each passing days news.. rape, rape, scams, rape, murder, child rape... you can feel your shoulders physically drooping as u read the papers... was mentally exhausted after the last post at Godyears so just took a break from there to focus on light hearted stuff for awhile... hence the posts in Appletini which u stopped by.

  2. @Roshan R which I loved :)


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