Saturday, September 29, 2012

‘I wish someone told me…’

I wish someone told me

                                              what being an adult entails. As a 10 year old child, I had only one thing in mind in every situation, 'I just want to grow up, then everything will be so better. No homework,no exams, no 6am wakeup time, no timeouts, no PT exercises,no assembly prayers,etc,etc; Aah! What glorious life that would be. A life without any rules. A life without my mommy breathing down my neck with her rules. A life where I can do what I want to do.

               Fast forward  20 years, I, now, will do anything to go back to being a 10 year old with rules. What I didnt know than was the responsibilities an adult,expecially, an woman has. The 6am wakeup has changed to 'little to No' sleep. I give timeouts now and dont feel really great about it. I have to pack my child away to preschool. Getting her uniform ironed, making tiffin that she'll at-least taste, forcing her to go potty and bath..Phew! Then there is breakfast and getting the father ( the bigger baby) ready for office too. The house needs cleaning everyday, the maids need to be yelled at,everyday and lets not get started on money matters. 
I cannot take a vacation when I want ,to where I want. I ,still, on most occasions, cannot do what I want to do. 
         I wish someone had told me this as a 10 year old, so that I enjoyed being a child to the fullest. Not that I would have understood it then. But still. :)
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