Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How about a Pot in Melbourne

I have a huge bucket list in terms of travelling. Melbourne,Austrailia features in Top 10 must see places before I die. So In a way I am waiting to hear 'Its your time to visit Melbourne NOW' soon.

There is something about cities with trams. They are busy. They multitask. They do business. Yet there is a sort of sedateness that is calming.
So let me plan a sort of Travel Itinerary for Melbourne.( I don't want to be stuck in Whoop Whoop) My Starting Point should be the Fed Square,Melbourne's Meeting place..Its the weirdest looking point in terms of Architecture.That must be its USP. Ian Potter Gallery of Art and Keith Murdoch Gallery will and should be places to visit here first.

A round trip on the tram and maybe a tea in the TramCar Restaurant will be next.

In terms of shopping , I'd love to visit the 'Vic Market' or the Victoria Market, the queen of all markets in Austrailia.And the Chapel Street Market to get back some whacky memorabilia back home.
I hope I can catch some buskers while I am roaming around the streets or when I visit the Bourke Street Mall.

I,Being a Tennis and Cricket enthusiast, I think The MCG and Austrailiain Open when I think of Melbourne. So a visit to the MCG and Melbourne and Olympic Park will be a must. Buts it not a cricket match but a footie Match that I'd like to see at the MCG (Go Aussie!)

Having a toddler, visiting the zoo and Aquarium, will be a priority. Who comes to Australia and not see the Kangaroos and Koalas?
 Also have to visit the cottage and humble surroundings from which one of the world's great navigators came, and most Melburnians still refer to it as "Captains Cook's Cottage.

Flat White or Skinny Latte? It seems Melbournians love their coffee and for that I already love them! There is no greater joy than having a great coffee. So I will be always on a high exploring the different cafes across the city. I see many sites dedicated to telling me about the best baristas..But I guess I'd like to find out myself :)
I have had so much fun writing this blog. I have had so much fun getting to know Melbourne online. Now I have to plan a vacation to Melbourne to experience the richness of the most liveable city in the world.

If like me , anyone of you have a plan to visit Melbourne soon, Visit the site:


  1. Yup!! With a toddler the koalas and the kangaroos are a must-see!! All the best!

  2. Captain cooks cottage is a must see for sure.
    Good post indeed. Best wishes.


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