Friday, February 14, 2014

Weighty Issues and Homesickness

So the realization finally dawned on me. Though it wasn't a lightening that struck me. I was making the 2013 family photo-book to print. I could see the change in pictures and the subconscious way I was making subtle changes in the way I look , to camouflage it. It wasn't always so subtle too. I should have known when people were asking me if I was looking forward to a bonny baby boy soon. [That is a sexist attack, I will not address here. But it miffed me,btw]

Yeah! My comfort food to compensate being away from home and my people, found a permanent place to settle and that was my tummy. I am now a  3 month ( or maybe 5) pregnant girl without a baby in my tummy. [Yeah! I can say it. No one else. Especially not men]

I have gained only 5 kgs and all in the stomach mainly. How weird is that! And how frustating!

I want to diet. But I know that I still have all the homesickness symptoms and food is my only solace. Actually, cooking food is. I cook food which reminds of the people I miss. Each day I pick the person I miss the most and then set myself to research/search/buy/cook the food that they most like. Somedays, I just cook something exotic and rich [read loads of cheese!] if I dont miss anyone in particular.

Obviously, if I cook , I also eat the same. :P

I cant stop that cycle. It will unbalance the delicate balance I have in my mind that helps not to be depressed endlessly and that impulse to buy a one-way ticket back to home is to be suppressed too.

So I have to come up with work arounds for that. I cant go on like this for sure. Slowly , but surely I am working towards loosing those extra centimetres around my waist.

  • I speed walk for about 30 minutes a day. It helps that I dont have a car yet. I walk much more than that otherwise too. But dedicated exercise time is 30 minutes.
  • I have stopped deep-frying completely. I get 0.5 litres of oil for a month and try to use it. The oven and baking everything,helps. [Here I am thankful to all Indian Food Bloggers who have posts about baking Indian food.
These are the 2 baby steps I have started with. I cant jolt myself into something rigorous. I just hope I will slowly add more ways to health up my family's life and also get my flatter tummy back.

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