Wednesday, February 19, 2014


So the cool group of 'Marathon Bloggers' have a challenge week named 'A story for every picture,a picture for every story'
Day 3  theme is 'LINKS'

Pardon my take on this theme today. But the only thing that comes to mind when you say LINK to me as an Auckland-er is the public transport system's Inner,Outer and City links or the LINK Bus services. I cannot think beyond that. Its so difficult to think of any other link here as this particular one is linked to my daily life so.
The whole city is view as concentric circles , so the innermost circle is within the Downtown of the city,the inner link covers the inner city central business and the outer link runs through the main suburbs around the city.

Plus the buses are so bright and perky design-wise , I always feel so happy to see them :P

Also a fail on my part is that I dont have any real-time nice pictures of them and the below doodle is also a feeble attempt,overall.

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  1. A slice of daily life....that's a cool 'Link'!


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