Friday, February 21, 2014

Day 5 Tea

So the cool group of 'Marathon Bloggers' have a challenge week named 'A story for every picture,a picture for every story'
Day 5  theme is 'TEA'

'Ek garam chai ki pyali ho'

Tea- This drink forms a vital part of my married life. I dont drink Tea and never even tasted it. I am a typical South Indian whose family lives on Filter Kaapi (Coffee), two times a day. The coffee times are fixed and nerves get really frayed if that timing is not maintained. Addiction,eh!

So as fate has to have it, I got married into a Tea family. Not just any Tea family. It was a family who loved their Tea and its techniques and its color and what not. There is no fixed quantity and definitely no fixed time for Tea. Any time is Tea time. I would wake up groggily suddenly in the middle of the night, to find someone or the other making Tea or having it.

Tea or चहा  ( in Marathi) was my acid test. I remember my first disastrous attempt at Tea at my In-Laws house. I had asked my friend for the method as I thought asking my in-laws wasn't appropriate. Who doesn't know how to make tea ? :O

So I pour generous amounts of milk and sugar and tea powder and the mistake was already made. 'doodh-waali chai?' ,exclaimed my husband and didnt have my first Tea ever. My in-laws were a little more gracious and digested it somehow.

It was my father-in-law who taught me their style of making tea with loads of water,ginger and just a splash of milk for color. So now I can make 'The Tea' and umpteens times if needed when my inlaws are there.
The husband is now restricted to a cup or two only :P
Our Family Beverages!


  1. Loved the story behind your tea :). There was a time when everytime I made tea it came out differently ;). Now I've been well conditioned and can make the Mallu chaya pretty decently. Definitely more milk in that one.

  2. Lol.. Can empathise with your husband. Milky, over boiled tea is perhaps the only kind I do not like.

  3. Hahaha...loved the post! Can so relate to you with the kaapi addiction bit!


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