Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I would love to believe in Chance.
I would love to be made to believe in Chance
I would love to win a lottery..that's after all the biggest Chance,isn't it?

I would love it if I win something that I haven't striven hard and earned. Like for example, a random lucky draw that I fill up at random malls. Wouldn't be nice to win one of those exotic holidays that a draw promised its winner, in a mall last week.

Chance is defined as "The occurrence and development of events in the absence of any obvious design." I see a design, a manipulation or at-least a desire to every event in my life. Boring? Yes. But reassuring in a way.

I never have gotten anything in life, on a platter. I have met obstacles before finally getting anything. But I do get what I want. Like my father says, 'She would get the moon, if she wanted and if she wasn't so lazy to want!' :P That is so true about me. I am easy to please and am happy with little joys of life. I don't fight for the first rank or the coveted foreign trip or the big promotion. 

I do not know what makes me want something. Rare it is. Like for example, this particular assignment to Silver Springs,US once. I had a sudden desire to go. My manager was not wanting to send a girl as it was long term. My passport was expiring in under 6 months and I had just got married. But I decided I wanted it. The project itself wasn't so lucrative and also the place isn't the most beautiful to be,especially in fall season. 

But I fought tooth and nail, I made things happen. I have barged into commissioner of police's office and the RPO,Hyderabad office to get my passport renewed under 10 days. Mind you, I did not spend a penny in bribing. No question of chance,here. I got my passport in my hand,given to me,freshly signed and handed over by the RPO himself. I flew out of India, the next day, without a single ironed shirt in my baggage. LOL . 

That is the story of my life. For everything I wanted, I have fought for it. Chance never played a part in it. In a way, I hope it stays that way too. Knock on wood. ( Because chance can be a bad thing too!)

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