Monday, December 30, 2013

Day 29- Best songs of 2014

according to me of course.
This is the most fun post for me because as I write I am also hearing this fantastic songs. I live music and its all my life is made of. I am no singer or a lyricist but I know good music is what pleases my heart and this year there have been many such songs. Especially,being an Indian, we are spoilt for choice as far as music is concerned.

So get your earphones on or put on your computer speakers on for this post and listen to each of these songs :)

1) Daft Punk "Get Lucky"
       After a long time, a song that has stuck to mind like a plague. Yes its a song about hooking up but I feel in its own Funk/Punk way, it has a deeper meaning.. Lol Pun totally intended.

2) I knew you were trouble - Taylor Swift 
 This girl need not write her story, at-least the relationships part of it. Each song tells a story. Poor boys , who date her.Lucky too :D
But yes this song is the good girl falling for the bad boy. It has happened to every good girl who has atleast wondered how it will be with a bad guy, if not actually get into a relationship.
Also by Taylor Swift is "Sweeter than Ficiton". (
3) Stay feat. Rihanna
4)A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri,
      This released in 2011 but is famous because the Twilight series that is still continued into 2013. But then its so beautiful song. Or maybe this song stuck to me only in 2013. Yeah thats a better reason to include in this list.

5) Ordinary love by U2 -(

6) Atlas by Cold Play
7) Love and war by Tamara Braxton
8) Naghade Sang Dhol Bhaje from Ram Leela (
9) Sun Raha Hain na tu from Aashique 2 (
10)Badtameez Dil from YJHD

The hindi songs list can go on and on. Thank God for Bollywood's musicals. 

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  1. Having a lot of fun clicking on the links and listening to the songs :). Thanks for the lovely list!


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