Friday, December 20, 2013

Day 20-"Depression, is a grey cloud, moving, yet not moving..."

Depression, is a grey cloud, moving, yet not moving... 
A theme as part of Marathon Blogging in this month of December'13.

I wanted to avoid this them when I first read it. I have battled Postpartum depression and it left scars so deep that I still cant talk about or even probably think about. Actually,foremost, I feel only guilt. How can a new mother get depressed? I was wronging my own baby. But the blessing is that she was so small and she didn't know. Even then when I was so into these blues, I made sure I never cried in front of her. I always waited for her to sleep. 
I never took any counselling for my depression. My Indian mentality to blame,completely. My only therapy was my baby. Her cooing,gurgles and gassy smiles brought me right back on track.

My cloud moved away and it takes a lot of inner strength to do so. You have got to believe in the person you are. Blow away every last ounce of self-pity and start loving yourself. Depression fears people who love themselves. :) 

I cant write more than this on this topic. Happy Holiday season ,people. Lets not get into the uglier side of life.



  1. felt the same after my delivery.. somehow came out of it.. i think, time and love of close ones only heal few things

  2. Most moms experience this. I am glad you came out of it with your own will powers.Hugs. :)


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