Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Silo Park, Auckland

So we visited the Silo Park on Saturday. It is the Matariki month in NZ. Its the Maori New year celebration. The Maoris celebrate their new year when a star called Matariki is visible in the sky. A month long celebrations take place all across the country. As part of it, Silo park had a small market and movie day in the weekend. The park is located on the edge onf the Wynyard Quarters on the Auckland Waterfront.

The Beautiful sunset!

The mandatory Sky Tower pic!

Pakau or the Maori Kite!

These Silos in the park used to contain cement previously

Thats me n the toddler totally layered for the winter evening


  1. A very interesting kite! I must say!

  2. Thank you for å lovelly serie :)

  3. it's very interesting Silo Park, Auckland place.
    Nice photos and description.
    Thanks for posting.


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