Monday, July 08, 2013

Cemetery - Not all Scary!

A Cemetery is a place where the dead are buried. As seen in most western countries, it is a respected and protected area maintained really well. On my way, to my home is the Symonds Street Cemetery. It is a historical cemetery and park located in the heart of the city of Auckland. 
I, like many, always associate cemeteries with horror movies. They are supposed to be scary and ghostly. Right. Wrong. 
This cemetery doesn't ever evoke that emotion in me. I always cross this cemetery and feel almost at peace with life. I feel alive and appreciate what I have. Paradoxical :) There are people as old as 200 years buried and remembered here. The cemetery is closed for new burials. So I guess that way the scary element is negated. 
I once stood across a tombstone dated 1869 of a woman aged just 31 years at death. That is my age. I felt like a met a woman with whom it is impossible for me to meet. She would have to be at-least 100 years to meet me even as a baby!
This is a weird post from me and I don't really have words to express what this place evokes within me. But then I am not a very eloquent person to begin with :D 
  Here are a few pictures of the beautiful park.
This is a view of the Cemetery from across the Road

This is the walkway across the Cemetery

These ones are dated in the late 1800's and early 1900's

 The Park Area

Pretty Foliage on the Pathway

This is a fenced Tombstone of a wife of a really loving husband way back in 1905


  1. Like your post, sound like you like the odd cemtery so check out My Grave Place blog. Passing through on my roadtrip

  2. Hey Sirisha! Well put!
    Come to think of it, cemetery must be associated with peace, oneness and appreciation of life.
    It is sad how often it is associated with fear, horror and all things scary!

  3. I always thought cemeteries as shown in movies and TV shows looked to be such beautiful places :).. good to hear a personal accoutn Sirisha!


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