Wednesday, June 19, 2013

10 life lessons I learnt from my father

My father is a typical Indian father. The stereotypical one. The head of the house, breadwinner. He provides for his family, gives them food, shelter and clothing and did it to his best knowledge. As the stereotype goes, he never really showed his emotional and affectionate side much. He just let that department be with mom. He never came to my parent teacher meetings or to see my new school. I bet he didn't know any of my teacher's name. He hardly looked into my homework or grades. That was again my mother's department.
He had his role in the family and that was to work hard and earn the monies and that he did to a hilt.
But secretly, I also knew I was and am his weakness. That spoiled rotten daughter I am ,because of him. It was an unwritten writing on the wall in the house, ' It was either my way or the highway' always. I never really realized that. I didn't realize because that it is the way things worked I thought.

This man who agreed to get me married to a man he didn't know and only because I wanted to. He didn't create any drama. He knew as always he would do as I want. He also didn't really react I think because he knew if anything went wrong, he was there for me . This man who never really showed his emotions was the only one who cried for me at my wedding.

So what are the 10 life lessons I have learnt from my father, you ask. Let me share 10 of the many lessons I learnt from this man who gave me my life :)

1) Punctuality: It isn't fun always to be the first one waiting for even the host at any party. But its pays off at most other occasions.

2) Silence speaks volumes most of the times. It is a powerful weapon and means of communications.

3) No addiction is more powerful than will power and love. He left his chain smoking habit, the moment he saw his first grandchild.

4) Never let responsibilities bog you down.

5) Trust your children without any 'conditions applied' . That's the only way they will be responsible and able. That's the best way to raise a girl too, in my opinion.

6) Cleanliness. Its the key to less stressful life.

7) Never throw past mistakes at anyone's face. Its only by making mistakes does a person learn to live.

8) Plan and plan some more,  your retirement well . You never want to be dependent on anybody.

9) Always save for the rainy day.

10) Always be there for your family.

Obviously, He has taught me much more and whatever I do today, is what he and mom taught me. But it feels wonderful to put it down in words sometimes.
Happy Father's Day Dad!

P.S Where I live, Father's day is celebrated in September :D

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  1. What a sweet post. Your father sounds like a great man.

  2. I love the 7th point :) :)...


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