Friday, May 10, 2013

Auckland and us – A week on!

Our stories always comprise of a ‘big house’. Everyone would live together in the big house. All the grandparents, uncles, aunts and all the cousins. This is my 2 year old’s own story. She loves people and she wants a big house. Someday but not today. Today we are a small family of three and have to make do with stories and anecdotes from all the extended families across the world.
How much fun would have it been if all my family lived together. Recently, I met a woman who said she came from a joint family of 32 people. Imagine, living with 32 people. One could never get lonely. Well, one would be having privacy problems, totally a different problem. But for the kids in the family, life would be a non-stop picnic. No dearth of attention and no lack of patience and no constant hovering from paranoid parents.
I have never myself been a part of a joint family setup. I was raised in a small cosy setup of 4. But I was an introvert and preferred to be with few known people rather than crowds. But my daughter loves people, any kind. She is will go and greet anyone and everyone. She knows just how to please anyone. 
Recently in a Rhyme Time session in the local city library, she had an animated conversation with a Chinese counterpart. Both were equal participants in the conversation and it went on for a while. The parents, meanwhile could not manage any meaningful dialogue apart from smiles. We had a language barrier. They spoke nothing but Mandarin and I could not make out a single syllable. The toddler did not consider that a huge hurdle. No matter what the language was, she was happy to just interact with and smile at the mandarin speaking cutie. We were all amused as well as bewildered as to how these little ones were not really perturbed by the different languages. The toddler world is so unique and different, I tell you.
The city isn’t yet growing on me. Mainly, maybe, because I am yet to find home. We are still in a hotel and that doesn’t really feel permanent. Unless, we get a home and get into some sort of routine, I don’t think I will get the Auckland feel.
Lets not talk about my apartment searching. Auckland offers very little space for a huge sum, especially if we don’t want to move out of the city central. Its depressing to see tiny little matchboxes called apartments. Hyderabad has really spoiled us in that way. 1BHK sounds too small to us. There is some amount of compromise to be done on our parts before we can finally get a home.
I finally am cooking and cooking Indian. I found some local Asian groceries and I don’t mind that I don’t find my favorite Bhindis here. It’s okay as long as I get my dal and chawal (for now!)
As for socializing, apart from talking to Real Estate agents or local grocers, my social equation is quite bleak. I hope to meet some likeminded people soon J


  1. It's always hard at first in a new country or place. We had hard time wih a one BHK after living for years in 3 bedroom apartments. But after 2 years we loved it!
    Anyway looks like ur toddler will love it and will have not trouble crossing over :)


  2. Hi very resourceful and nice blog, as i have started a new blog value trunk after reading couple of posts in this blog i am inspired and must appreciate the way you have presented your thoughts and ideas in a very lucid manner.

  3. Maybe your daughter should socialize for you. I'm sure she'd get you lots of friends in no time. Good luck with your apartment hunt.

  4. So sweet that sounds!! All the best for settling down soon, I'm sure you'll find lots of like minded people and feel more at home soon :)

  5. All the best to you with your house search.I can very well understand your situation because I had faced the same problem.
    Start meeting various agents and I found my house through Gumtree. I am not sure for Aukland. One person was breaking lease and I garbed that opportunity.

    Secondly,for socialisation here we have a government organisation which helps migrants may be you can find there as well. Try to volunteer for an organisation so that you can get a chance to interact with people.

    Hope this things helps you on your journey to new life.



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