Monday, April 29, 2013

Y is for Yellow! Y is for Young!

My favorite color ! Bright and Sunny Yellow. I love the color , so much so that I get everything in Yellow. From my plates to mugs to curtains and containers. I feel it makes my home look happy. Though my husband has restricted my yellow fever to certain places in the house :D But someday , when I plan my own house, there would surely be a lot of yellow!

The other day was our farewell dinner. We were all casually eating and chatting away amidst two toddlers. Suddenly a mother told her toddler pointing at me .'Look Aunty is eating her greens, you should too!" I, immediately, turned around to see who she was referring to. OMG! The Aunty was me. I mentally gave myself a shake. I am a mother of a 2 year old and 30 years old. I shouldn't be surprised at being referred to as an Aunty!

But I feel YOUNG! My mental age is stuck somewhere in my teens. I don't feel grown up or mature at all.  Isn't it good in a way though?

By the time this is published, I will be flying off to Auckland, Newzealand. So as you will be reading this, I will be trying to frantically get things together to get to airport on time and in the flight in one piece!

Wish me Happy Journey you guys! And please pray that I have a smooth settle in the KiwiLand!


  1. Never give ears to that doesn't please your ears; and yes, Yellow is such a Happy colour!!

    Just Another Blog

  2. Yellow is a great color. Nobody ever feels as old as they actually are. Once they do, then they are really old. Ask Betty White.


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